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Samar Zureik

MA Thesis



Tirhal family: A bilingual typeface bridging two worlds


This thesis attempts to show considerations related to typeface design specifically for the use in printed customer materials used in immigration sector. The genre of typefaces used for the government always highlights the importance of legibility. With the massive immigration flow into Europe after the Syrian crisis, it is fundamental for immigration services to provide documents in Arabic language using legible and well-designed typefaces. Having a legible typeface plays a pivotal role for immigrants in helping them to comprehend information about their new surroundings.


The specific objective of the thesis is to explore the design of the Migri (Finnish Immigration Services) multilingual materials and determine on how to create a bilingual typeface in Arabic and Latin for use in the governmental sectors aimed at helping immigrants.


The thesis sheds light on the methodological processes in harmonization and explores bilingual typefaces. It also investigates typefaces used in the public sector. This study explores the common trends in bi-script typefaces and investigates how these trends came into being. It documents the process on how to create a multilingual typeface family. The final outcome is presented in the form of a bi-script typeface of Arabic and Latin. The goal is to achieve good legibility and a unified visual identity.


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