The Visual Communication Design programme at Aalto University (VCD) is an international learn- ing community committed to investigating new modes of action within visual communication. This archive was established in 2020 as a means to document and share the activity and work of the programme.

Visual Narrative Studio 2021


Author’s Name:
Elina Johanna Ahonen


Project title:
Miten metsä parantaa (How the forest heals you)


Project description:

“Miten metsä parantaa” is an imaginary story about the healing effect of the forest, presented in the form of an interactive self-help guide.


When I was younger I dreamed of a profession as a biologist (the dream was accompanied by a glorified image of adventures in the heart of nature). Although I did not become a biologist, my interest in observing nature and studying the natural world remained unchanged. This project is a combination of an appreciation of details, a desire to understand the quiet life of plants, the strange magic of herb books, and the powerful effects of walking in the woods.


There are many theories and unexplained mysteries about the healing powers of the forest. In this work I took a speculative approach and imagined that there are little healers lurking in the forest, helping us to let go of unfortunate feelings. These creatures evaporate anxiety, relax tension, shake grief off shoulders and make fatigue go away.


I decided to narrate this phenomenon in a digital application because I wanted to present the information in a compact format as well as show the motion of these creatures. The app is for anyone who wants to enjoy nature, get to know their nearby forest better and learn to see nature in new and unexpected ways.


Figma prototype: