The Visual Communication Design programme at Aalto University (VCD) is an international learn- ing community committed to investigating new modes of action within visual communication. This archive was established in 2020 as a means to document and share the activity and work of the programme.

“The most important tool for an illustrator is not his hand, but his head”  –Adam Korpak


In Illustration studio 2020, the students were provided basic understanding on diversity and stylistic development of illustration as a professional practice. The principal aim of the assignments was to solve a problem of visual communication, in order to provide further development of personal visual language or technical skills. The topics in the Illustration Studio covered, for example, following subjects: where do ideas come from and how to enhance them, the role, power and influence of illustration, the conceptual process, sequential thinking and image-making, visual intelligence and social awareness, power of perception, interpretation of words into pictures and the creative interplay of text and images, as well as professional landscape of an illustrator.



Markus Grönlund

Eero Urala

Delphine Rumo

Mira Caselius

Yulia Soloveva

Aarni Kapanen

Luisa Keintzel


Course teacher: Laura Valojärvi