The Visual Communication Design programme at Aalto University (VCD) is an international learn- ing community committed to investigating new modes of action within visual communication. This archive was established in 2020 as a means to document and share the activity and work of the programme.

Exploring Narratives 2019⁣

14.2.2019 – 8.3.2019⁣⁣
Harald Herlin Learning Centre Lobby⁣

Collection of personal projects by Aalto VCD MA students produced in the course Exploring Narratives Studio.⁣

Antti Honka – A Life Formula Manifesto⁣⁣
Brittaney Drake – Preliminary Research⁣⁣
Cecilia Kugler – Just puk⁣⁣
Tuisku Hiltunen – 24-hour Moonlight Diner⁣⁣
Janne Kuisma – Kekkone (A Day of the President)⁣⁣
Pauliina Nykänen – Feels⁣⁣
Jamini Kavoori – Chewy’s sticky situation⁣⁣
Erik Solin – Ghost of Earth⁣⁣
Noora Typpö – Cityscapes⁣⁣
Aina Viukari – A Story Behind the Perfect Portraits⁣⁣
Terhi Adler – Talk to Me⁣⁣
Marika Latsone – Roadkills⁣⁣
Sofia Schleutker – Know your liquids!⁣⁣
Elisabeth Vesanto – Dumpster God⁣⁣
Oona Räyhäntausta – Paradox of fear⁣⁣
Saara Majanne – Almost gone⁣⁣
Utkarsh Raut – Why We Took The Car (?) ⁣⁣

Course tutor: Robin Ellis⁣

Limited edition of risography printed exhibition catalogs available.